“We feel so fortunate to have found Barry Duerr and Northeastern Exteriors. We have found someone who shares many of the same ideas about landscaping and urban and green living. We think our front and back yard should allow us to step out into nature. To feel that although we are urban dwellers by choice, we are surrounded by the natural environment including plants, shrubs, trees, wildlife, and earth or rock where our home was built. We believe in only planting what is considered native and we believe in using recycled, natural or locally sourced materials. Additionally, we had never worked with a landscape company, let alone a landscape architect. We were gardeners. And we had moved from Madison, WI, where neighbors all cared deeply about their front and backyards and those next door. We always had many ideas, donated materials, and lots of help for outdoor projects. Duerr’s open and collaborative approach to designing projects from hatching to in-progress/in-the-moment alterations made us feel we were getting the best and most appropriate finished landscape. We met four years ago and we are certain that we will continue to work with Northeastern Exteriors until our yards have been transformed from green grass, square bushes, rectangle beds, and no trees to an urban, natural escape.”